OpenAI Unveils AI-powered Image Editing Within ChatGPT

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OpenAI announced a significant update for its image generation tool, DALL-E. Paid subscribers can now refine their AI-generated creations directly within ChatGPT using text prompts. This eliminates the previous challenge of needing separate editing software.

Imagine you want a poodle in your DALL-E image to have a bow. Simply describe this in ChatGPT, and the AI will adjust the image accordingly. OpenAI showcased this feature by adding bows to a poodle’s ears.

But that’s not all! DALL-E is gaining even more flexibility. Users can now choose the image’s aspect ratio (portrait, landscape, etc.) and apply artistic styles like “motion blur” or “solarpunk.”

Limited Access for Now, Big Potential for the Future

While currently restricted to paying customers, this new text-based editing approach holds immense promise. Imagine describing sound adjustments in audio editing or scene changes in video editing – the possibilities are vast.

OpenAI’s innovation paves the way for a future where users can interact with creative software through natural language, making the process more intuitive and accessible.


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