Jon Stewart Roasts Tech CEOs: AI for Toast or Real Problems?

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  • 2 weeks ago
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In a energetic monologue on Monday’s “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart took goal at tech CEOs and their lofty promise of synthetic intelligence (AI) as he saw Meta-CEO Mark Zuckerberg using AI to make a toast.

“Are you out of your mind?” Stewart shouted. He argued that toast making is a solved problem, pointing to the seemingly trivial AI packages presently on show. Stewart then challenged tech leaders to consciousness on actual challenges like climate change and disease cures, suggesting they depart it to the relaxation of us with the aid of “conserving the fort to toast.”

But Stewart’s concerns go beyond burnt toast. He expressed concerns approximately jobs being displaced with the aid of AI, mentioning images of real tech executives displaying the possibility of downsizing. In one clip, IBM CEO Arvind Krishna suggested that AI might help “do the equal aspect with fewer human beings.”

“That does not sound true,” Stewart joked. “Few people? I’m now not a mathematician, however I suppose fewer way fewer.”

Stewart concluded via calling the promise of AI a “bait and transfer,” making viewers marvel if the generation could honestly resolve mankind’s most urgent troubles


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