Apple Ditching Electric Cars, Eyes Home Robots: Friend or Flop?

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Apple is changing gears! With the electric car industry on hold, the tech giant is reportedly setting its sights on a new frontier: domestic robots. Bloomberg recently revealed that Apple engineers are developing a “personal robot” device – imagine a robot friend following you around the house, which can help you with tasks or keep you company.

However, there is a catch. This product is still in its early stages, and it is unclear if it will ever hit the market. The report also mentions another interesting concept: robotic desktop devices with mobile displays, like smart screens that can follow you wherever necessary

This attack on robots comes as engineers wrestle with the potential of domestic helpers. While the Roomba has seen some success, Amazon’s Astro Robot – a wheeled version launched in 2021 – has failed to impress. Critics have slammed it for privacy concerns and a lack of clear purpose.

Can Apple crack a market others have stumbled upon? The company boasts a history of innovation, but recent projects like the mixed-reception VR headset Vision Pro and the now-defunct Apple Car project raise questions: Will this home assistant be a game changer, or should it that we wait patiently for the next iPhone ? Time will tell.


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