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About Whiteboard

The platform, known as the Whiteboard AI tool, is highly versatile and offers a variety of features and applications. Among its main capabilities are the generation of interactive summaries, the provision of time-stamped key information, and the ability to provide immediate responses to inquiries.

Students can make full use of this tool by accessing lectures, benefiting from interactive summaries, posing questions, gaining knowledge, bookmarking essential materials, collaborating with peers, and preparing for upcoming classes. Moreover, users have the option to convert PDFs into interactive learning resources and utilize various features for creating and sharing flashcards.

The tool also supports note-taking and the bookmarking of vital ideas and concepts. Furthermore, it presents guided learning plans that are user-friendly and seamlessly connects with other platforms like Canvas, Zoom, and YouTube for integrated work.

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Whiteboard core features

❤ Interactive summaries are generated
❤ Users can ask questions
❤ Note-taking and bookmarking important ideas are supported
❤ Flashcards can be created and shared using features provided
❤ Seamless integration with other platforms like Canvas, Zoom, and YouTube

Whiteboard use cases

#️⃣ Watch lectures and get interactive summaries.
#️⃣ Ask questions and get answers from PDF documents, lectures, and more.
#️⃣ Improve your study performance with an AI study companion.

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Aggregate score based on 6 reviews


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