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About VisQ

Visq is an AI-powered platform that streamlines the creation of customized computer vision solutions. With Visq, users can leverage AI technology to analyze images and videos through a conversational interface, eliminating the need for coding skills. This makes advanced visual solutions accessible to everyone.

The visual copilot within Visq understands users’ goals and assists in mapping out the core structure of a solution. Users can discuss their requirements and witness ideas transforming into a clear and actionable plan. Visq refines the vision by providing feedback on proposed solutions and tailoring every aspect to suit the user’s specific needs.

One of Visq’s automated features is PPE compliance, which allows users to ensure safety guidelines are followed in warehouses. By uploading warehouse images, Visq analyzes the footage to detect instances where personnel may not be wearing the required safety equipment.

Another notable feature is agricultural health assessment. Users can evaluate the health of crops by uploading aerial farm images. Visq utilizes segmentation algorithms to differentiate between healthy and stressed crops, providing a comprehensive report on crop health.

Visq also offers retail space analysis, enabling users to analyze customer-product interaction by uploading store footage. Utilizing object detection and image segmentation, Visq identifies products and analyzes customer flow patterns and engagement hotspots within the store.

By converting visions into actionable insights, Visq simplifies business operations and improves various aspects such as customer engagement and inventory management. It provides a user-friendly platform for implementing complex visual solutions without the need for specialized expertise.

Moreover, Visq enhances operational efficiency by streamlining processes and reducing the time spent on manual tasks. This empowers businesses with advanced analytics and visual data interpretation, giving them a competitive edge.

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VisQ core features

Conversational Interface: Utilize natural language interaction to define your vision and guide the development of customized solutions, requiring no coding expertise.
Visual Copilot: Get assistance in structuring your solution based on your expressed goals, transforming ideas into actionable plans.
Automated Data Analysis: Leverage various functionalities like PPE compliance detection, crop health segmentation, and customer interaction analysis through image and video processing.
Tailored Feedback and Refinement: Receive feedback on proposed solutions and personalize every aspect based on your specific needs and industry requirements.

VisQ use cases

Warehouse Safety Assurance: Ensure adherence to PPE regulations by uploading warehouse footage for automated detection of missing safety equipment.
Crop Health Assessment: Analyze aerial farm images to segment healthy and stressed crops, generating reports for informed agricultural decisions.
Retail Space Optimization: Upload store footage and gain insights into customer-product interaction through object detection and analysis of engagement hotspots.
Quality Control Management: Analyze product images for defects and inconsistencies, streamlining quality control processes.
Autonomous Vehicle Training: Generate training data for self-driving cars by labeling objects and scenarios within video footage.

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