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About Trendspider

Trendspid, an extensive trading platform, provides a comprehensive suite of features for technical analysis, discover price alerts, conduct market scanning, and effectively backtest strategies. Users can seamlessly develop, test, and refine their trading approaches, explore trade opportunities, and efficiently automate order execution. The platform includes innovative raindrop charts, an exceptional option flow tracking system, and a robust backtesting mechanism. To experience its capabilities, users can avail a complimentary 7-day trial and access market data from reputable sources such as NYSE, ICE, CME Group, and Nasdaq, among others.

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Trendspider core features

❤ Technical analysis
❤ Price alerts
❤ Market scanning
❤ Backtesting strategies

Trendspider use cases

#️⃣ DevelopingAndTestingTradeStrategies
#️⃣ SearchingForTradeOpportunities
#️⃣ AutomatingOrderExecution

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Aggregate score based on 6 reviews


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