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Tiny Magic


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About Tiny Magic

The Tiny Magic Gmail GPT-4 Support Agent is an innovative AI tool that leverages GPT-4 technology to streamline and automate the process of addressing support requests in Gmail. This cutting-edge solution is aimed at helping users save a significant amount of time on a daily basis.

Setting up this tool is a breeze as it seamlessly integrates with Gmail. With a simple onboarding process, all you need to do is connect your Gmail account and provide relevant FAQ support documents or help desk links. By doing so, the Auto-Gmail feature is able to intelligently answer emails with appropriate and contextual responses.

One of the standout features of this tool is its ability to consider the entire email thread when drafting a response. Unlike other tools that only focus on the last message, this AI-powered assistant takes into account the complete conversation history. Additionally, it utilizes a vector database in FAQ mode to extract pertinent details from contextual documents, ensuring the most accurate and relevant response is provided.

Auto-Gmail seamlessly operates in the background and generates drafts that can be easily accessed within Gmail. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses and consultants seeking to offer personalized customer support at an affordable cost.

Similar to other popular tools like Superhuman and Crisp, Gmail GPT empowers support teams to respond to emails more efficiently and with a touch of empathy. Furthermore, the integration with Gmail eliminates the need for manual triggers, making it even more convenient for users.

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Tiny Magic core features

❤ Automating the process of composing replies to support requests in Gmail.
❤ Setting up effortlessly with a fast onboarding procedure.
❤ Considering the complete email conversation while drafting a response.
❤ Using a vector database in FAQ mode to extract relevant details from contextual files.
❤ Operating automatically in the background and generating drafts that are conveniently accessible in Gmail.

Tiny Magic use cases

#️⃣ ⏰ Improve Customer Support Efficiency with Gmail
#️⃣ Streamline Email Responses with Contextual Data Integration
#️⃣ ‍♂️ Personalize Support at Large Scale Effortlessly

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