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The Interview


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About The Interview

The “Interview” AI tool is an innovative solution designed to enhance and optimize the recruitment process. With the capability to customize job lists and incorporate tailor-made interview questions, companies can effectively streamline their hiring process. Using this tool, candidates have the convenience of recording and submitting their answers through asynchronous video format, saving them time and also enabling a comprehensive evaluation of their qualifications and skills. Additionally, the built-in rating system empowers companies to compare and contrast candidates based on their attributes and responses. To prioritize data security, this tool is fully GDPR compliant, utilizes decentralized storage, and implements a passwordless login mechanism.

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The Interview core features

❤ Creation of customized job lists
❤ Incorporation of interview questions
❤ Adapting the recruitment process to meet specific requirements
❤ Recording candidates’ answers through asynchronous videos
❤ Thorough assessment of candidate skills and qualifications
❤ Comparing and contrasting candidates based on qualifications, skills, and responses
❤ Ensuring GDPR compliance
❤ Implementing passwordless access
❤ Implementing decentralized storage

The Interview use cases

#️⃣ CustomJobLists and InterviewQuestions
#️⃣ TimeSaving AsynchronousVideoAnswers
#️⃣ BuiltIn RatingSystem for CandidateEvaluation

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