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About Text-Generator

The AI tool is an efficient and versatile text generator that excels in text creation, content analysis, human response prediction, and research assistance. Additionally, it possesses the ability to classify and cluster text, generate code, and facilitate translations. The tool provides a complimentary tier allowing 100 requests each month, along with a rapid API endpoint. It is compatible with various spoken languages and allows users to modify tones and voices in the generated text. Moreover, there is a convenient text speech API playground and the tool allows for bulk generation functionalities.

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Text-Generator core features

❤ Text generation
❤ Content analysis
❤ Prediction of human reactions
❤ Research assistance
❤ Text classification and clustering
❤ Code generation
❤ Translation
❤ Tone and voice change in generated text
❤ API endpoint
❤ Bulk generation capabilities

Text-Generator use cases

#️⃣ ContentCreation
#️⃣ AutomatedResearch
#️⃣ MultilingualTranslation

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Aggregate score based on 6 reviews


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