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About Tapesearch

Discover a cutting-edge search AI tool specifically designed for effortlessly generating accurate transcripts from podcasts. With an extensive collection of 363,359 AI generated transcripts and access to a vast library of 2,298 podcasts, finding the content you’re seeking has never been simpler. Easily customize your search results by sorting by relevance or podcast title and further refine them by date and duration. You even have the ability to exclude specific words from your search. Unlock an enhanced experience with our pro version, which boasts a variety of additional features to maximize your transcription exploration.

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Tapesearch core features

❤ Generate transcripts
❤ Search podcasts
❤ Sort search results
❤ Filter by date and duration
❤ Exclude specific words

Tapesearch use cases

#️⃣Generate transcripts for podcast episodes.
#️⃣Search for specific keywords in podcast transcripts.
#️⃣Analyze podcast content for academic research.

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Aggregate score based on 6 reviews


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