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About SwipeIQ

Improve your Tinder experience with SwipeIQ, an AI-powered dating tool packed with advanced features. This tool boosts your swiping capabilities with Auto-Swiping, allowing you to swipe unlimited profiles based on distance, age, and looks.

Customize your experience by blacklisting certain keywords in bios or setting specific left swipe ratios. Break the ice with engaging openers provided by SwipeIQ, making it easier to start conversations.

Enjoy the basic features like Auto-Swipe and unlimited swipes for free. Upgrade to premium and gain access to Chat AI, powered by GPT-4, which suggests conversation starters. Plus, have the option to customize your experience even further.

Discover the effectiveness of SwipeIQ through testimonials that highlight the success of features like the keyword blacklist and responsive developer support.

Choose from various pricing plans offered by SwipeIQ to find the one that suits your needs.

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SwipeIQ core features

❤ Tinder Autoswiper
❤ AI generated openers
❤ Customizable experince

SwipeIQ use cases

#️⃣Enhance Tinder experience with AI-driven Auto-Swiping and personalized settings.
#️⃣Facilitate ice-breaking conversations with Chat AI and GPT-4 suggestions.
#️⃣Improve user experience with advanced features like keyword blacklisting and left swipe customization.

SwipeIQ Reviews


Aggregate score based on 6 reviews


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