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About StackBear

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Creating personalized AI chatbots that are trained on your content is a simple and efficient process with Stackbear. These bots are able to handle more than 50% of customer queries automatically, providing instant and human-like responses.

When a query requires a more personal approach, the chatbot seamlessly transfers the conversation to your help desk. Consider Stackbear’s chatbot as an additional support agent that offers immediate and natural language responses, resolving a significant portion of customer questions without the need for human intervention.

Setting up your AI chatbot with Stackbear can be done within minutes, as it does not require complex programming. Just add your website and describe in plain language how you would like your bot to interact with users.

You will have complete control over your bot’s interactions with Stackbear’s AI. It is intelligent enough to recognize when a user prefers to speak with a human. In those cases, it will smoothly transition the conversation to a live agent, ensuring a seamless experience for the user.

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StackBear core features

❤ Chatbot creation
❤ Query handling
❤ Natural language processing
❤ Human-like responses
❤ Human intervention

StackBear use cases

#️⃣Automate customer queries with AI chatbots, delivering immediate and natural responses for an elevated customer support experience.
#️⃣Improve customer support by effortlessly directing intricate inquiries to your help desk, ensuring a streamlined process.
#️⃣Streamline the setup of AI customer support agents on your website, eliminating the need for complicated programming.

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Aggregate score based on 6 reviews


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