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Speak Ai


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About Speak Ai

The Speak AI platform is a comprehensive tool for language data analysis and research. With its transcription, data analysis, and sentiment analysis capabilities, it caters to diverse media requirements. The platform facilitates automatic transcription, bulk analysis, data visualization, and data capture, empowering researchers, market analysts, and competitors alike. Additionally, Speak AI provides a repository for easily sharing media, an innovative AI-based text prompt system, and a reliable SWOT analysis solution, along with various other functionalities.

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Speak Ai core features

❤ Transcription
❤ Data analysis
❤ Sentiment analysis
❤ Bulk analysis
❤ Data visualization

Speak Ai use cases

#️⃣Market analysis.
#️⃣Competitive analysis.
#️⃣Data visualization.

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Aggregate score based on 6 reviews


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