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About Smartersales

Smartersales is dedicated to enhancing the efficiency of managing sales call data through automation. By seamlessly integrating with popular platforms such as Zoom, Teams, and Meet, it effortlessly retrieves call recordings for comprehensive analysis and automates the input of CRM data. Offering personalized feedback in real-time, it assesses crucial performance aspects to foster ongoing enhancements. Managers can readily access comprehensive performance dashboards and concise email reports for each call. Customizability is key, enabling the tailoring of CRM data preferences and extraction of specific data pertinent to each call. Additionally, Smartersales equips users with a wealth of learning materials and visually captivating charts to facilitate a deeper comprehension of sales data and improve sales performance metrics.

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Smartersales core features

❤ Integration with zoom, teams, and meet
❤ Automated crm data entry
❤ Instant personalized feedback
❤ Detailed performance dashboards and summarized email reports
❤ Customizable experience

Smartersales use cases

#️⃣Automated CRM data entry automation to optimize and enhance your sales process.
#️⃣Enhanced evaluation and improvement of sales performance through in-depth analysis of sales calls.
#️⃣Tailored data extraction from sales calls and meetings to meet your specific requirements.

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Aggregate score based on 6 reviews


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