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About Siwalu

Introducing Siwalu: The Ultimate AI-Powered Animal Recognition Tool

Discover and scan animals effortlessly with Siwalu, an advanced AI-based tool. Say goodbye to expensive DNA analysis as Siwalu helps pet owners identify the breed and unique characteristics of their beloved pets. Now easily accessible on the app store, Siwalu offers specialized scanners for dogs, cats, and horses. Excitingly, users can also take advantage of the social feed feature, enabling them to share captivating content with fellow animal enthusiasts. In a truly groundbreaking move, Siwalu joined forces with Snapchat in 2020, revolutionizing the app by incorporating animal recognition capabilities into its camera function. Explore Siwalu today and embark on a journey of unrivaled animal discovery!

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Siwalu core features

❤ Animal recognition
❤ Breed identification
❤ Characteristic scanning
❤ Partnership with snapchat
❤ Social feed feature

Siwalu use cases

#️⃣Identifying the breed of a pet.
#️⃣Scanning animals in their natural habitat.
#️⃣Sharing animal content via various social media platforms.

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Aggregate score based on 6 reviews


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