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About Segmed

Segmed offers a groundbreaking AI tool called the de-identification playground, which is specially crafted for eliminating personally identifiable information (PII) from healthcare data. This tool employs a highly effective technique called limited local maximum suppression (LLMS) to successfully remove PHI, making it ideal for both sample data de-identification demonstrations and production-level PII removal. For those interested in utilizing this exceptional de-identification service, kindly reach out to [email protected]. Be assured that the tool guarantees utmost data privacy by securely storing the cleansed data on

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Segmed core features

❤ De-identify sample data
❤ Demonstration purposes
❤ Remove phi using limited local maximum suppression (llms)
❤ Can be used for production de-identification
❤ Data can be stored on

Segmed use cases

#️⃣Demonstration of de-identification.
#️⃣Implementing PII removal from text prior to sending or processing.
#️⃣Contributing to data privacy assurance by eliminating personal information from text.

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