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About is a highly efficient AI-based tool that generates optimized schema and content for on-page SEO. Powered by advanced algorithms, it thoroughly analyzes a target search term and URL to produce lists of Google-recognized entities, optimized schema files, and optimized content.

To ensure accuracy, the tool directly connects to Wikipedia and Wikidata via APIs, fetching the most precise and up-to-date information regarding the content and entities found on your webpages as well as your competitors’.

With its array of features, enables you to collect entities from the top 10 competitors, craft advanced webpage schema, generate automated about mentions, and create entity-optimized content seamlessly.

Editing and customizing schema files are made effortless through the tool’s intuitive editor, eliminating the need for manual coding. By harnessing, you can swiftly generate advanced schema files and integrate them into your webpages, effectively optimizing them for superior rankings on Google.

Accessible to a wide range of users, this user-friendly tool requires no coding skills, making it easy for anyone to utilize and benefit from. image gallery core features

❤ Automated entity optimized schema and content generation
❤ Task Prioritization
❤ Content editor
❤ Organization schema
❤ FAQ schema use cases

#️⃣Optimizing webpages for better rankings in Google.
#️⃣Enhancing website visibility and click-through rates.
#️⃣Improving user experience by implementing structured data.
#️⃣Driving more organic traffic and boosting conversions. Reviews


Aggregate score based on 6 reviews


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