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About SayHi

Introducing SayHi, a powerful Chrome extension tailored to enhance your LinkedIn outreach. By leveraging the recipient’s public profile, users can effortlessly customize their messages with a personal touch. With SayHi, crafting engaging outreach becomes a breeze as it offers a wide range of message templates to choose from and the ability to select the desired tone of voice. Catering to teams of all sizes, SayHi provides flexible pricing plans with allocated message limits per user and exciting add-ons like seamless analytics integration and A/B testing. For more advanced options, users can explore our premium features, available at an extra cost. Revolutionize your LinkedIn outreach with SayHi today!

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SayHi core features

❤ Craft personalized linkedin outreach messages
❤ Create message templates
❤ Choose tone of voice
❤ Opt for custom and premium features

SayHi use cases

#️⃣Crafting customized LinkedIn messages.
#️⃣Developing message templates.
#️⃣Selecting appropriate tone of voice for messages.

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Aggregate score based on 6 reviews


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