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About RightJoin

RightJoin is a cutting-edge AI tool designed to assist individuals seeking employment in the field of data science in excelling during interviews. This tool offers individualized mock interviews that are specifically tailored to match particular job postings and topics, providing users with limitless opportunities to practice and receive valuable feedback. Furthermore, users have the ability to establish goals for themselves and enhance their storytelling abilities, all while benefiting from comprehensive performance reports. By meticulously analyzing each response, RightJoin’s instant feedback contributes to the overall improvement of interviewees’ performance. Job seekers can also become part of a supportive community and assist others throughout their job search journey. Utilizing RightJoin involves the creation of a candidate profile, the selection of a relevant job posting or topic, engaging in an interview with the AI bot, and subsequently receiving an evaluation of performance along with suggestions for improvement. RightJoin currently offers a free trial and is copyrighted until 2023. The pricing model is not revealed at this time.

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RightJoin core features

❤ Mock interviews
❤ Tailored to specific job postings and topics
❤ Unlimited practice and feedback
❤ Goal setting and storytelling skill improvement
❤ Community support

RightJoin use cases

#️⃣Personalized data science mock interviews practice.
#️⃣Enhance prospects of being selected as a data analyst.
#️⃣Receive instant feedback and performance reports on your data science interviews.

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Aggregate score based on 6 reviews


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