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Research Studio


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About Research Studio

Research Studio is an SEO-optimized platform that empowers users to transform their data into actionable insights. With its AI-Powered research analysis capabilities, this tool caters to UX, Marketing, and Product professionals. From providing summaries and insights to analyzing sentiment and creating personas, Research Studio covers it all.

Notable features of this tool include drag-and-drop file upload, AI-driven summarization, sentiment analysis data extraction, AI chat for natural conversations, as well as valuable insights and takeaways. Moreover, Research Studio offers simple pricing and automates tasks such as document summarization, data extraction, and facilitating natural language interaction.

By utilizing Research Studio, users can gain valuable insights on user personas, data diagrams, and make informed decisions through cloud synchronization. With its AI technology, Research Studio streamlines research processes, boosts productivity, and enhances the efficiency of UX designers and product managers.

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Research Studio core features

❤ Drag-and-drop file upload
❤ Ai-driven summarization
❤ Sentiment analysis data extraction
❤ Ai chat for natural conversations
❤ Insights and takeaways

Research Studio use cases

#️⃣Drag & Drop Research Files for Summaries and Insights from Research Files
#️⃣Chat with Your Research Documents and Data for Quicker Insights
#️⃣Conduct Sentiment Analysis on Lengthy Interviews and Conversations to Enhance Products and Comprehend Users.

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Aggregate score based on 6 reviews


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