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Ready to Send


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About Ready to Send

Ready Send is a powerful email writing tool that utilizes AI technology to automate email communication. It offers prewritten replies and a personalized AI assistant to boost productivity in Gmail.

With Ready Send, users can save time by sending emails 10 times faster. The AI technology generates contextual responses for each unique conversation, acting as a personal email assistant that works round the clock to automate personalized replies.

This tool is capable of describing and responding to general inquiries, as well as providing specific instructions to individuals. It generates complete prewritten response emails that are ready for review. Users also have the flexibility to edit and regenerate the entire reply according to their preferences before sending it.

Ready Send provides dynamic email replies for various situations and allows users to give custom instructions for conditional responses. It is not limited to individuals; businesses can also benefit from Ready Send by using it to automatically generate perfect customer support responses.

The tool can effortlessly provide product information, operating hours, shipping and return policies, and frequently asked questions. With Ready Send, users can achieve inbox zero by promptly responding to emails with thoughtful replies that reflect their own voice.

Key features of Ready Send include an automatic AI email writer, a personal AI email assistant, customizable responses, seamless integration, multi-language support, intelligent email scanning, and privacy and security.

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Ready to Send core features

❤ An automatic AI email writer that can generate emails without human intervention
❤ A personal AI email assistant that provides personalized support for email communication
❤ The ability to customize email responses to fit specific needs and preferences
❤ The seamless integration of the AI email system with existing email platforms
❤ Support for multiple languages to cater to a diverse user base

Ready to Send use cases

#️⃣ Automated responses for emails.
#️⃣ Improved efficiency in email communication.
#️⃣ Personalized and adjustable email replies.

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