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About Prompta

Prompta is a chat GPT client that is open-source and allows users to have conversations with GPT-4, a highly advanced language model. This client provides a user-friendly interface that ensures smooth interaction with the chatbot.

One notable feature of Prompta is its ability to sync across multiple devices, allowing users to access and search their chats even when they are offline. This cross-device syncing feature is extremely convenient for users. Additionally, Prompta allows users to store their chats locally and easily perform quick searches.

By integrating an API key, users can easily access Prompta and take advantage of its keyboard-focused functionality. This makes Prompta a great choice for those who value accessibility and convenience. Prompta can be downloaded from GitHub, where it was developed by Ian Sinnott.

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Prompta core features

❤ Have a conversation with gpt-4
❤ Sync across multiple devices
❤ Store chat locally
❤ Easily search for information
❤ Integrate with an API key

Prompta use cases

#️⃣ Having a conversation with GPT-4 on any electronic device.
#️⃣ Smoothly interacting with a ChatGPT and syncing chats across different devices.
#️⃣ Storing chats locally and easily conducting quick searches.

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Aggregate score based on 6 reviews


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