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Preppally - Resume AI


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About Preppally - Resume AI

Our AI tool is specifically created to assist users in creating impactful resumes through the power of AI technology. With this tool, users can easily fill in different fields and submit their information to receive a personalized solution tailored to their specific requirements. Furthermore, the tool provides valuable recommendations and best practices for crafting compelling resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Access to the tool is completely free, and users also have the option to purchase credits for our career guidance program. Moreover, our platform highlights the use of AI to save users valuable time by eliminating the need for extensive research, copying, and adapting resumes.

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Preppally - Resume AI core features

❤ Create a professional resume using our resume builder
❤ Get personalized solutions tailored to your needs
❤ Receive AI-generated recommendations for your career advancement
❤ Enhance your Linkedin profile with expert tips and tricks
❤ Enjoy free access to all our services

Preppally - Resume AI use cases

#️⃣ Craft a polished curriculum vitae.
#️⃣ Enhance your LinkedIn profile for maximum impact.
#️⃣ Obtain valuable advice and direction for your career path.

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Aggregate score based on 6 reviews


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