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About is a platform that utilizes AI to assist businesses in automating and enhancing their cold email outreach campaigns. With, you can effortlessly connect multiple email accounts from any provider, automate your email campaigns and follow-ups, and utilize the AI-powered email writer to swiftly create effective campaigns. Additionally, optimizes email sending patterns to improve deliverability and increase the likelihood of receiving replies.

At, we offer flexible plans and pricing options to cater to your specific needs. We also provide a Free Email Warmup service to ensure your emails are delivered successfully. All our paid plans come with unlimited mailbox accounts, unlimited email warmup, unlimited total contacts, unlimited campaigns, unlimited daily send limits, and email verification. By automating and optimizing your email outreach campaigns with, you can save valuable time and boost your revenue. image gallery core features

❤ Automate the process of sending cold emails
❤ Enhance the efficiency of email sending strategies
❤ Generate impactful campaigns in a short span of time
❤ Establish connections with numerous email accounts from various providers
❤ Automate follow-up actions use cases

#️⃣ Enhance revenue by implementing focused email campaigns.
#️⃣ Simplify email communication for marketing departments.
#️⃣ Implement automated follow-up emails to foster lead development. Reviews


Aggregate score based on 6 reviews


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