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About JanitorAI

JanitorAI is a versatile platform that allows users to engage in interactive conversations with a wide range of virtual characters and AI friends. With an extensive collection of chatbot AI characters, the platform offers both SFW and NSFW chat themes and personalities. Additionally, users have the option to create their own chatbots using the platform.

The platform offers a diverse selection of chatbots across various genres, including game characters and anime. Users can begin their exploration by interacting with popular AI character chatbots. Upon creating an account, users can unleash their creativity by designing their own fictional chatbot characters. This includes selecting their personality traits, customization options, and dialogue preferences.

JanitorAI ensures a seamless user experience through its user-friendly interface, making character creation and customization a breeze.

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JanitorAI core features

❤ Discover the chatbots that are currently accessible
❤ Develop a chatbot of your own
❤ Appropriate for all ages, as well as mature themes

JanitorAI use cases

#️⃣ Create your own chatbot: By selecting a personality and configuring a few fundamental parameters, you have the ability to develop your own chatbot, whether it is suitable for all audiences or not.
#️⃣ Engage in conversations with pre-existing chatbots: On the JanitorAI platform, there is a wide range of pre-existing chatbots at your disposal. These chatbots have been crafted by other users, and you have the opportunity to initiate conversations with them without any cost.
#️⃣ JanitorAI chatbots are versatile and can be utilized for discussions on any subject matter or personal interests. Additionally, they can be employed for role-playing games and various forms of imaginative or romantic interactions.

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Aggregate score based on 6 reviews


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