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About HelpHub

HelpHub is a powerful AI chat and natural language search tool designed for websites and web applications. It offers the ability to incorporate content through URLs, synchronization with CMS, or manual input. By utilizing your own data, HelpHub creates a customized chatbot that can effectively respond to user inquiries. Additionally, it provides an embeddable widget that includes both a chatbot interface and a search interface, allowing users to easily navigate and search through your content. This comprehensive solution ensures optimal user experience and seamless integration with your site or app.

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HelpHub core features

❤ Incorporating content through website links
❤ Synchronizing with content management system
❤ Manually inputting content
❤ Developing a chatbot that is trained using your data
❤ Integrating a widget that includes a chatbot and search interface

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Aggregate score based on 6 reviews


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