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Glass AI is a cutting-edge AI tool that leverages artificial intelligence to generate medical advice, diagnoses, and clinical plans. By utilizing a powerful combination of a vast language model and a comprehensive clinic knowledge database, this tool is designed to create and maintain clinician-created plans. While primarily intended for healthcare providers and clinicians, it is also accessible to the general public.

This innovative tool generates outputs based on various patient data inputs, including demographics, symptoms, physical exam data, and patient discharge summaries. However, it is crucial to exercise caution when using Glass AI, as the quality of the output is heavily reliant on the quality of the input. It is important to note that Glass AI should not be seen as a substitute for the judgment and expertise of healthcare providers. image gallery core features

❤ Crafting medical guidance
❤ Formulating diagnoses
❤ Developing clinical strategies
❤ Evaluating patient information
❤ Offering suggestions based on input use cases

#️⃣ Create treatment strategies for individuals in a clinical setting.
#️⃣ Offer professional guidance and recommendations to patients regarding their medical conditions.
#️⃣ Aid healthcare professionals in determining accurate diagnoses. Reviews


Aggregate score based on 6 reviews


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