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Flexberry AI Assistant


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About Flexberry AI Assistant

AI Assist is an efficient tool designed to assist business analysts in streamlining their work processes. By analyzing text, it is capable of generating mockup forms, SQL scripts, and UML diagrams within minutes. This automation of tasks significantly reduces the time required to complete them. The tool’s key features include the extraction of information from natural language, the construction of information systems, and the generation of prototypes. Moreover, AI Assist is highly flexible and can be easily adapted to suit specific tasks and scenarios. To utilize this tool effectively, users collaborate with AI experts to address business analyst challenges.

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Flexberry AI Assistant core features

❤ Analyzing text
❤ Generating mockup forms
❤ Generating SQL scripts
❤ Creating UML diagrams
❤ Automating tasks

Flexberry AI Assistant use cases

#️⃣ Streamlining tasks related to business analysis.
#️⃣ Automating the generation of mockups and SQL scripts.
#️⃣ Generating UML diagrams within a matter of minutes.

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Aggregate score based on 6 reviews


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