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Fine-tuner is an AI tool designed to boost sales by serving as an AI sales assistant. This powerful tool eliminates the need for coding or technical skills, making it easy for anyone to learn how to build AI agents. With Fine-tuner, you can save time and money by avoiding lengthy development cycles and expensive machine learning teams typically required for such projects.

Fine-tuner is an all-in-one solution that allows you to quickly build sophisticated AI agents and bring them to market. Its user-friendly, no-code interface makes it accessible to individuals without technical expertise. Whether you choose to start with pre-built templates or follow step-by-step guidance, Fine-tuner enables you to customize your AI agents to meet your specific needs.

Unlike ordinary chatbots, Fine-tuner’s AI agents are context-aware and can adapt their interactions based on the stage of the conversation. They have the ability to extract and store important information, browse the internet, recommend products, retrieve LinkedIn profiles, send emails through Gmail, and even convert text responses into audible speech.

In addition, Fine-tuner offers seamless integration with various third-party tools and services through simple API endpoints. It also provides plugins for popular no-code tools like Bubble and Zapier. With unlimited secure data storage, Fine-tuner prioritizes the security and privacy of your data.

Some of the practical applications for Fine-tuner include a personal finance advisor that understands financial goals and provides advice, an AI-powered HR recruiter that engages potential candidates and analyzes LinkedIn profiles, a context-aware AI customer support assistant that handles queries and troubleshooting, and a natural sales conversation AI sales assistant that adapts to prospects’ behavior. image gallery core features

❤ Build artificial intelligence agents
❤ Acquire knowledge in artificial intelligence without the need for coding
❤ Reduce the time-consuming development cycles
❤ Develop artificial intelligence agents using a user-friendly interface
❤ Contextually-aware artificial intelligence agents
❤ Adjust interactions based on the stage of the conversation
❤ Extract and save important information
❤ Explore the internet
❤ Provide recommendations for products
❤ Retrieve LinkedIn profiles
❤ Send emails using Gmail
❤ Convert written responses into audible speech
❤ Establish connections with third-party tools via API endpoints
❤ Provide add-ons for popular no-code tools
❤ Ensure secure storage of data use cases

#️⃣ Develop AI agents that function as personal finance advisors.
#️⃣ Construct HR recruiters powered by AI.
#️⃣ Design code-free AI customer support assistants. Reviews


Aggregate score based on 6 reviews


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