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About Equalto

The Equalto tool, developed by OpenAI, is a spreadsheet service platform that offers users the ability to access and utilize sheets for various tasks, such as creating project plans or budgets. By using prompts, users can easily perform these tasks. Additionally, the tool allows for further customization of the sheet through follow-up questions, such as modifying the currency or adding rows. It is important to note that the tool requires users to provide consent to privacy policies and terms of service in order to ensure data protection and compliance.

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Equalto core features

❤ Develop project plans
❤ Establish budgets
❤ Enhance sheet by incorporating follow-up inquiries
❤ Modify currency settings
❤ Insert additional rows

Equalto use cases

#️⃣ Automated project planning and budgeting: Utilizing automated techniques for project planning and budgeting.
#️⃣ Data analysis and visualization: Conducting analysis and visualization of data.
#️⃣ Collaborative data management: Engaging in collaborative management of data.

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