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About Convostack

Convostack is an AI chatbot framework that simplifies the process of embedding customizable chatbot widgets on websites. With just a few lines of code, developers can easily integrate Convostack into their websites. This framework fully supports conversations in plain English and is powered by the Langchain framework, which allows users to add AI models.

Convostack seamlessly integrates with popular frameworks such as Pinecone DB, Express, and React. This integration enables developers to connect and incorporate powerful functionalities into their existing websites. Additionally, Convostack is a free and open-source framework, encouraging developers to enhance the chatbot implementation.

Convostack is built upon a tech stack that is highly favored by developers and offers customizable use cases. The Langchain integration effortlessly incorporates AI models, specifically ChatGPT, while ensuring full-stack type-safety through its TypeScript implementation.

By leveraging the versatility of Express and React, Convostack provides seamless integration on both the backend and frontend of websites. It also enables responsive chatbot conversations by utilizing the power of Redis.

Convostack utilizes the capabilities of GraphQL to efficiently retrieve and manipulate data on the chatbot’s backend. Furthermore, it has an active community where developers can seek assistance, share projects, and contribute to the project through platforms like Discord, GitHub, and Twitter.

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Convostack core features

❤ Incorporate chatbot widgets that can be tailored to your needs
❤ Implement AI models through the use of Langchain
❤ Seamlessly integrate with Express, React, Pinecone DB, Redis, and GraphQL
❤ Provide comprehensive assistance for conversations in simple English
❤ Developed using a technology stack that is highly favored by developers

Convostack use cases

#️⃣ Embed chatbot widgets that are specifically developed for individual websites.
#️⃣ Personalize the functionalities of chatbots using a comprehensive framework for full stack development.
#️⃣ Minimize the time required for creating full stack chat widgets on websites.

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Aggregate score based on 6 reviews


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