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About Consensus

Consensus is a search engine that utilizes AI technology to deliver evidence-based answers swiftly. Its primary objective is to assist users in locating direct scientific research and peer-reviewed studies on various subjects, such as COVID-19 vaccines and poverty reduction. By extracting crucial discoveries from scientific papers and providing immediate analysis, this tool ensures efficient information retrieval. Notably, the search results are entirely free from advertisements and exclusively display outcomes derived from scientific research. Ultimately, Consensus strives to democratize access to expert knowledge, making it accessible to all individuals.

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Consensus core features

❤ Look up
❤ Answers based on research
❤ Scholarly articles
❤ Immediate analysis
❤ Completely free of advertisements

Consensus use cases

#️⃣ Seek out scientific studies regarding COVID-19 vaccines.
#️⃣ Explore scholarly research on poverty alleviation.
#️⃣ Retrieve significant discoveries from scientific articles.

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