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Chat Thing


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About Chat Thing

Chat Thing is an AI tool that leverages data from sources like Notion, uploaded files, and websites to create robust chatbots. With support for multiple chat channels including Slack and WhatsApp, it caters to diverse use cases. The tool offers flexible plans to accommodate different needs, including a free tier for users to experiment with one chatbot and one data source. Storage and message tokens are utilized for different plan options.

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Chat Thing core features

❤ Developing robust chatbots
❤ Utilizing data from various sources like notion, uploaded files, and websites
❤ Facilitating communication through diverse chat channels including slack, whatsapp, etc.
❤ Providing flexible plans to cater to different use cases
❤ Enabling users to evaluate the tool with 1 chatbot and 1 data source through the free tier

Chat Thing use cases

#️⃣ Chatbot for customer service.
#️⃣ Chatbot for lead generation.
#️⃣ Chatbot for e-commerce.

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Aggregate score based on 6 reviews


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