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About CalmMind

CalmMind is a revolutionary AI-powered platform that focuses on mental health and wellness. With our free wellness assessment, you can gain a deeper understanding of your mental well-being and learn effective ways to manage and nurture it.

Our smart AI assessments are designed to kickstart your journey towards well-being. By taking moments of reflection, you can gain valuable insights into your mental state. These insights enable us to provide you with tailored tools and recommendations that are specifically suited to your needs.

CalmMind Chat is like having a supportive buddy in your pocket. Whenever you need someone to talk to or vent, our chat feature is always ready to lend an understanding ear. It provides a safe space for you to express yourself and seek support whenever you need it.

We offer a wide range of curated wellness programs based on your assessment results. Whether you’re looking for meditation guides, sleep routines, or relaxation techniques, our resources are designed to promote mental well-being and resilience. Dive into these programs and immerse yourself in practices that can truly make a difference in your life.

Therabot is our advanced AI companion that provides instant insights into your mental state. It offers personalized actions and recommendations to help you navigate your well-being journey. With the help of our journey visualizer, you can track your progress over time and see how far you’ve come.

Join the CalmMind community and discover real stories from users who have found peace, understanding, and well-being through our AI-driven platform. Whether you’re a professional seeking valuable tools or an individual looking for self-help in addressing mental health challenges, CalmMind is here to support you.

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CalmMind core features

❤ Evaluation of well-being
❤ Relaxing conversation
❤ Carefully selected well-being initiatives
❤ Therapeutic robot
❤ Support from the community

CalmMind use cases

#️⃣ Initiate well-being improvement with AI evaluations.
#️⃣ Receive immediate assistance through AI therapist chatbot.
#️⃣ Discover handpicked wellness programs.

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Aggregate score based on 6 reviews


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