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About BudBuddy

The AI Budtender is an innovative cannabis strain finder tool that operates within the AI Budtender ecosystem. It features a chatbot called BudBuddy, which assists users in finding the most suitable cannabis strains based on their specific symptoms.

With a vast database of over 3000 strains and support for more than 99 languages, the AI Budtender provides personalized recommendations and detailed comparisons between different strains. Moreover, it offers a convenient multilingual feature, allowing users to communicate with BudBuddy in their preferred language.

In addition to its strain-finding capabilities, the AI Budtender also offers a loyalty rewards program. Users can earn points for every interaction with the chatbot and can later redeem these points for exclusive discounts or even free products. Excitingly, the AI Budtender will soon introduce celebrity budtenders’ voices, enhancing the conversational experience for users.

Furthermore, the AI Budtender includes a voice chat feature, enabling users to engage in real-time discussions about their cannabis preferences and any queries they may have. Additionally, users have the convenience of ordering cannabis products directly through the chat interface and can utilize tokens for various campaigns.

Experience the power of the AI Budtender, your ultimate cannabis companion, for personalized strain recommendations, multilingual support, loyalty rewards, and seamless ordering.

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BudBuddy core features

❤ Discovering appropriate strains
❤ Tailored suggestions
❤ In-depth contrasts
❤ Availability of over 3000 strains
❤ Assistance for over 99 languages

BudBuddy use cases

#️⃣ Discover appropriate cannabis varieties according to symptoms.
#️⃣ Analyze various cannabis strains.
#️⃣ Purchase cannabis products via chat interface.

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Aggregate score based on 6 reviews


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