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About AutoKT

Autokt is a documentation engine specifically designed for developers, aiming to simplify the process of writing documentation. With Autokt, developers can easily create documentation for their code as it automatically syncs and updates the documentation whenever there are changes made to the code.

The generative engine in Autokt is highly advanced and takes into consideration the code context and repository structure to generate comprehensive documentation files. Moreover, Autokt offers a feedback loop feature that allows developers to review and approve the updated documentation in a familiar manner using a diff markdown viewer.

One of the key features of Autokt is its assistant, which learns and understands the code. This makes it much easier for developers to manage and update the documentation. In the near future, Autokt will also introduce semantic search and context-aware queries, enabling team members to ask questions about the codebase effortlessly.

Autokt seamlessly integrates with GitHub for tracking code changes, but it is also compatible with other version control systems. Additionally, Autokt provides a document editor that incorporates generative AI, empowering users to document code and write linked documentation files.

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AutoKT core features

❤ Documentation is automatically synced and updated
❤ Comprehensive files of documentation are generated
❤ There is a feedback loop for approving and reviewing updated documentation
❤ An assistant that learns and understands code is available
❤ Integrated generative AI in a comprehensive document editor

AutoKT use cases

#️⃣ Automating the process of creating documentation for developers that can adjust and stay current with code modifications.
#️⃣ Automatically producing detailed documentation files from code repositories.
#️⃣ Reviewing, revising, and endorsing code documentation.
#️⃣ Utilizing semantic search and context-aware queries for your codebase.

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Aggregate score based on 6 reviews


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