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AI Inferkit


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About AI Inferkit

AI Inferkit is a comprehensive platform that includes various APIs, including major models like OpenAI. It serves as a large-scale model routing component, helping developers build AI products more cost-effectively and reliably.

Inferkit offers a range of language models that developers can easily access and switch between. It provides a dedicated interface for small to medium-sized AI teams, making it affordable for startups and projects with limited budgets.

Developers can access models such as GPT4-Turbo, GPT4, GPT3.5-Turbo, and Embedding-ada v2 through Inferkit. It aims to provide cost-effective and stable API access, utilizing engineering optimizations from large model companies like OpenAI and Anthropoc.

Inferkit, the AI behind airouter, prioritizes user privacy by only saving necessary data for service maintenance. It securely encrypts and stores basic user information on its backend. New users can also take advantage of a small amount of free quota to test the API.

Whether it’s for chatbots, question answering, or other language-related tasks, airouter offers developers an efficient and budget-friendly solution.

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AI Inferkit core features

❤ A variety of language models are available.
❤ An exclusive interface is provided.
❤ Access to a stable API is ensured.
❤ User privacy is given high priority.

AI Inferkit use cases

#️⃣ Access various LLM, such as openAI and anthropic, through a unified API for creating AI applications like chatbots and others.
#️⃣ Economically compare the outcomes of multiple LLM and AI APIs using a single interface.
#️⃣ Create applications that necessitate accessing multiple LLM through a single interface.

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